Tuesday, February 7, 2017

an update..

Wow. It has been a very long time since i last updated this blog. I forgot that i have a blog to be honest. I'm hooked with the Insta Story currently that and have been active posting there instead of collecting stories and pictures to post here, like i did previously. No dont get me wrong, im not doing this for the readers, i dont really think i have any readers reading this blog XD I'm just posting this so i can look back to my memories i've created and feelings that i've write. kinda like you save your pictures in icloud, but mine is in this blog (although some of my older posts, the pictures has gone missing wtf)

Today is 7th February, 2 more days until the result of my 5th semester to be announce. Then on the 14th, i'll be flying back to Sabah, for my last semester, the 6th Semester. Yes i am in my final year of degree. I couldnt express how i am feeling right now as it is all mixed up! i dont know whether to feel happy because it finally comes to an end, or to feel sad because this semester might be the last time i can hangout with my UMS friends, and experience Sabah. No one knows. It is very bittersweet. 

Honestly, when i was in Sabah few years ago, during a vacation with my parents, i seriously swear that i dont want to step foot in Sabah anymore, I hate it so much at the time. I dont remember what made me to hate Sabah so much that time. But, shit happened. Somehow something happened. i dont remember what happened. And it made me feel like i want to get away from my own life, get out from Melaka.  So i applied UMS and UNIMAS in UPU. You see i have this habit of intentionally forgetting the bad thing happened to me. So i dont even remember what had happened that made me made the decision. 

For the first time in my life, i live very far away from my family, far from my childhood friends, far from home. For the first time i live by my own but have roommates. Hostel life during my form 1 and 2 cannot count la cuz i already forgot how it feels like, plus it was only like 20 minutes away from my house, every weekend can go back home. But this time cannot, midterm break only can go back home. And i experienced many first times by my own. My first bus accident, my first earthquake, my first boat ride, my first study week without mom getting mad asking me to study XD

Sabah has been wonderful for me. And i can say, I like KK as much as i like Melaka. I'm not a city girl, and also not a country girl. KK and Melaka share the same traits, as they are not so city like, and not country like. They are very balanced. WHich i love. Im not fond of living in the city, as it can be very hectic and honestly im afraid of big hectic cities. But perhaps i like this 2 cities only because i've only live in those 2 cities XD Ya it might be. 

Enough with the rumbling. 

It is nice catching up with old friends, seeing how they changed for the better, and somehow they also remain as themselves as the old times. 


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