Thursday, March 26, 2015

What had happened

So hello, it has been awhile since i last rambling in his blog. I had just finished reading Insurgent (yes i know the movie is out already) my mood for reading came early this semester, since i received BB1M hahahaha. I only spent RM50 on books, because we can only buy books using the voucher. So i bought John Green's Let It Snow and this other book i dont know whats the title and i dont even know where i put it lol. Let It Snow is good. Reach my expectation, or maybe my level of expectation is quite low, because my friends saud it was mediocre. Well, everyone has their own preferences right?

So after reading Let It Snow, i read Say Her Name by i dont know who, borrowed from my friend. It is a thriller book that kept me a bit jumpy for 2 weeks. I am a scaredy cat i know. Then my hunger for more books made me googled for bestseller books and found some and downloaded them in PDF version on my iPad. 

And i have Maze Runner and its sambungan wehuuuuu. I am seaching for Allegiance btw. And i am tinking on buying the full set of them using my BB1M. But i dont know yet. And i want Will Grayson Will Grayson too. 

The moment i am writing this, i am fighting with my inner self and contemplating on buy nasi lemak or not. There's a nasi lemak seller walking room to room selling her nasi lemak for RM2. I am hungry. But it's 9:40PM and i already spent RM10 today (Rm10 per day onlyyyyy) and as always, i argued with myself. Ain vs Saniah. 

"Nasi lemakkkk"
"No you dont need nasi lemak"
"But i am hungry, we're hungry..."
"No youve spent rm10!"
"Think of the sambal, the delicious spicy sambal that you love"
"Cannot eat sambal remember? No chillies remember?"
"Think of the ikan bilis..."

As i argueing with myself, my hand already grabbed the door knob.. Lol. 

But to my luck (really luck? Or unlucky?) the nasi lemak seller is already gone. Selamat RM2 aku. 

And now i already forgot what i am about to write. I usually thought of writing something while i am in the shower. I get the most brilliant ideas in the shower. While shampooing my hair to be exact. Can someone enelighten me, how is this possible? 

Same to the nasi lemak incident just now, i think i fight/argue with myself almost every single day. Like, 

"Ok i should get up now"
"Wait how about 5 more minutes"
"No, you'll be late"
"Nahh 5 minutes will do no harm"
"But you havent iron your tudung"
"Its okay just wear yesterday's tudung"
"Noooo you'll lost your dignity!"
"Okay okay"

"Okay what movie should we watch today"
"You have Macroeconomics and Statistics works to do"
"Its okay its only 8, i can do it after watching a movie" 
"You have to submit them tomorrow"
"Nahhh its okayyyy"
*copy other's works in lecture right before lect comes in*

During that moment, i am grateful for having friends. I wonder if i didnt approach any of these kids during my earlier days here. Maybe i dont have friends. Maybe i have 1. Who knows? So i am grateful to have such great coursemates, faculty-mates. I love you guys. 

I dont have pictures of others in my iPad, but who cares. All of you is in my heart hewhew. 

Thank you for being there for me. 


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