Sunday, March 1, 2015

1st week of 2nd sem

It is 2nd week actually, because last week was the 1st but it was CNY holiday. So yeah. 
We had out first kokum, but all we did was write our name in the attendence sheets and, thats all i guess. We took Baktisiswa, and we had to plan out our activity whether we want to go to the orphanage or do anak angkat. 

Anak angkat sounds really syiok hahaha but imagine you living with a total stranger, a Sabahan family pulak tu. I dont think i can understand the elders hahahaha lol. Member cakap Sabah pun aku dah tak paham. 

But it will be okay i guess. I thought its going to be a large group of students, but its not. The total members is only 39 students. And most of them is from my faculty (Faculty of Business, Economics, and Accountancy) so i think we're going to get along well soon. 

Its not like i didnt get along well with people from other faculty, but honestly i really dont know how to engage a conversation with them. They are so different from us. The way they talking, thinking, and even walking is different from us. BUT maybe if we're in the same kokum course, maybe if we meet every Saturday for this kokum, maybe i can get along with people from other faculty just fine, maybe its maybelline. k not funny. 

I'm bored. I watched 5 movies and currently i am rewatching Personal Taste :/ I only received 1 assignment, and its already submitted. Lecturers havent upload any lecture notes sooooo yeah. Nothing to do. Not a fan of borak dengan roommates. 


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