Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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Assalamualaikum, and hi. It is the last day of the year 2014. Lots had happen to me, to my family and to Malaysia. The MHs, the flooding, and the QZ. I am sad. And i am feeling guilty to celebrate the new year, while others are starving not getting food, and cold, and thirsty, and there are others that just lost their someone special, could be their mom, dad, or even friends. 

I mean, i am not trying to be a B.O.B here (if you're a Matlutfi's fan, you'll get this) (okay i'll tell you, B.O.B stands for Buat Orang Bersalah, the kind of people who always make others feeling guilty) but i think i dont have the right to celebrate the new year, or even to be happy that 2014 gonna end soon. But at least i didnt kill myself or other people in 2014, thats good i guess. 

2014 has been great for me. And i am grateful for that. A lot happened, and i am very grateful for each and every one of it.

1. I had a job
Although it is only a part time job, but i did worked at this particular bakery as a shop assistant for around 8 months? yeah, that long. I cant believe it myself. It is not my first part time job, but i am happy and proud of myself because i can make my own money to buy whatever i want. I guess 'to buy whatever i want' is my sole motivation to continue working although waking up early is my biggest problem, every day, ever since in primary school, until now, in university. bleaghh, i dont do mornings, sorry.

2. Went to my first concert
I went to my first concert in my whole life. A FREAKING 2NE1 CONCERT IN MALAYSIA. I dragged my brother along, i did not go alone, dont judge me. and i pay for his ticket too. using my salary from part time work. typing this it still feel surreal. i went to 2NE1 concert, i was freaking amazing, i still cannot believe it. gahhh. 

3. Went to Brunei for the first time
With my mom and her colleagues. Soon i will collect money and move to Brunei. I love Brunei. Soon. 

4. Went to Melbourne for the second time
Yes i went for the second time, but this time i went with my siblings (minus wahed) and my sister's friends. used my own salary from my part time job too! 

5. First time going up the stage to receive an award
Yup, first time ever. To receive Anugerah Kecemerlangan for my STPM result. Proudest moment ever. Forgot to look at my mom's reaction that time, hahaha. 

6. Experienced the yummiest food evaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Seriously. This is not a joke. Feel like im going to Melbourne just for these. In house smokes salmon with poached eggs for brunch at i dont remember where heheh sorry, and medium done steak with chips for dinner at Meat & Wine co.

7. Got into the University
Not my dream university but close to dream university. like whaaaaaat? Well my dream university would be University of Tasmania, Australia, But my absolute dream is to go to any university outside of peninsular, or at least outside of Melaka. I've been studying in Melaka ever since kindergarten. Same school for secondary and STPM. boring gila kot. Well alhamdulillah, my dream came true, i got accepted to Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Human Resource Economics. UMS was my second option in UPU, UNIMAS was third. First was UiTM haha in finance. 

8. Experinced my first election
one word : C R A Z Y. thats it. thats all i can say. although the craziness didnt show in the picture below..... 

9. Went to Sarawak for the first time!!!
Went to Miri with family hehe, short break from all the assignments that burdening both of my shoulders huff huff

10. Went to Pulau Manukan with friends :D
refer to my last blog post, happy day happy day~

11. My first final exam
This is what i am current facing. 1st sem final exam! 2 down, 5 to go. fighting!!

and last but not least, the most i am grateful for is..

12. Have friends. 
The ultimate thing that i am most grateful of is to have friends, here in UMS. Thank you All for sending this people to me, for me t be able to meet them, to rely on them, and for them to guide me if ive taken the wrong path. Thank you. 

Now for my 2015 resolutions, its a bit cliche though, i just want to be a better me. The current Ain Saniah is, i dont know. i guess in my own word, the current Ain Saniah is a mess. My meal schedule is a mess. and so is my sleep schedule. my locker is a mess. me myself is a mess. so i need to improve in all of that aspects. solat awal waktu insyaAllah. jaga bahasa, stop cursing like a sailor maybe haha. 

so thats is. this is how i end my 2014, a blogpost of my boring list of things that i am grateful for, and my 2015 resolution. i doubt you're gonna read this, but hey, if you read all of this, thankyou so much! and leave your comment say 'marshmellows' 

lets not forget to keep the victims of MHs QZ and the flooding in our prayers. 


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