Monday, June 2, 2014


So i am having trouble when i am writing this. What should i put as this post's title? 'Overdose'? Because i'm listening to EXO's Overdose when i'm typing this. Might sounds too kpop-ish dont you think? 'What's happening to my life'? Sounds too much like an attention seeker, which no one wants to know about. Whatever. SO 'whatever' it is. 

I know i havent updated much but well who cares. Me myself is not care at all about this blog. I only updates this blog when i have plenty of pictures thats just happened to be in my laptop / already uploaded to my Facebook so i can just easily ctrl c + ctrl v into a post har-har. I doubt i have a very loyal follower who wants me update more frequent, yeah?

BUT, today is exceptional. I'm feeling more enthusiastic to post an update on my life, to tell you what is happening and what happened in my life recently. Yes you guessed it right, something big happened. 

24 May 2014

Well for those who followed me since the beginning of this blog, or those who knew me, had known that i am a huge fan of kpop, i am a YG stan, particularly 2NE1. (But for those who didnt know and are new here, Hi, Welcome, Thank you to be here) And for those who likes/ loves/ followed / a Blackjack surely knows that 2NE1 is currently having a world tour All Or Nothing. And i, as a faithfull 2NE1 fan, a loyal Blackjack went to their concert in KL, Malaysia. 


This is the shit yo. 

I got myself the cheapest seats (yes seatS, i went with my brother). It was a very amazing night, 2NE1 really didnt let me down. Their fan service, their live singing, live dancing, live cuteness, their English! 
Goodness, it was amazing. Enough said. 

I enjoyed the concert, very much till i didnt took many videos and pictures. I only took pictures before and after 2NE1 performed. Oh and WINNER was there too! Killing two birds with one stone yo!

#5YearsWith2NE1 yo!

25 May 2014

Then the next day we went to KL Bird Park, along with mom and niece. Oh did i mention that i went to KL with brother, mom and niece? When we're at the concert, mom and niece stayed at the hotel. Oh did i also mention that we booked a hotel just for the concert so when the concert ended we can just go back to our hotel room and chill and order room service? Haha. Yes we did that. 

31 May 2014

Had a tahlil at grammy's house. And took selfies hehe. 

Yes you can see that i'm wearing my favourite mint coloured tudung. Thank you very much. 

2 June 2014

Today! Got myself an off day from work to watch Maleficent. I cried the whole movie. 'Twas great. 5 stars definitely. 

Then i spotted this in a kpop/anime store. Originally i want to buy ChenChenChen's symbol, and i googled it on the spot. But because i was in a hurry (not very hurry actually, it was because theres other customer who keeps coming to my aisle, maybe he wants to look at something or buy something i dont know, and i am very uncomfortable with it. and another reason, i dont want to keep touching and 'examine' them which one is Chen's) so i mislook Chanyeol's flame as Chen's lightning. And when the lady in charge took the pendant from the shelf (It was locked, and customers have to ask the seller for help) only then i saw Chanyeol's name on the pendant. 

Then i ask the lady for Chen's symbol as the back of the box has every member's symbols but she said they dont have Chen's. Originally i dont want to buy Chanyeol's because i want Chen's! BUT the lady cut the box from the shelf. Cut i mean real cut lah! Used scissors! SO i feel bad about not buying so i buy fml. Whatever lah, Chanyeol also cute what. I like him in Roommate. But I like Chen more :\

Forgive me for being a newbie, didnt know how to differentiate between Chanyeol's and Chen's symbol. 

So thats it. 


P/S : I always have this problem, a problem of didnt know how to end things. 
I didnt know how to end a blogpost.


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