Saturday, June 14, 2014

Common Girl

Hey guys. It's Saturday and i'm not working because i woke up at twelve. So.... i'm doing laundry right now so while waiting i thought i wanted to update this blog. Yes I'm going to update this blog regularly starting from this point. I went to H&M thats just opened about a week ago at Hatten Melaka. Was going to buy a new jeans and/or some long sleeve shirt but none cought my eye. Tried a few of them (jeans) and this one is okay. But i didnt buy.. omg look at how flabby my arm is. 

So i just bought some jewelries. 

The bracelets, i gave one of them to my sister. They are so cute and easy to match with any kind any colour of my shirts! because majority the shirts i have are black hahaha so this can be some colours to my whole outfit. And the i saw this..

It is so freaking cute!!

Then we had lunch at Papa John's. My first time. Never wanted to try before. But this time we tried because the Secret Recipe in front of it is full. So we're just trying our luck. 

And we're lucky. I ordered Chili Crab Pasta and Summer Lemonade. They're both very delicious. Summer Lemonade is very refreshing. It's like a drink suitable to drink after mowning the whole lawn on a hot evening, yes that kind of drink. The pizza also very delicious. We ordered hand tossed pizza with extra cheese. I love the cheese! It's very sweet but not so cheesy and heavy. 

On our way home. We sesat in our own city. Yes we used gps to get home from Hatten,

My perfect banana oat pancakes. With strawberry and four fruits jam.  A Perfect breakfast. Except that i make this for my dinner last night. 


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