Sunday, September 8, 2013

What's in my bag

I know it has been a very long time since my last real update. It has been only pictures since i don't really have time to blog or even sometimes i have time, but i don't really want to blog. I think blogging is not my 'thing' anymore. But there are still times when i thought to myself "Oh i should blog this!" but when i get home, i totally forgot about it. 

Maybe i should jot it down in my note book "Blog about this this this incident". I don't know. Maybe i should or maybe i shouldn't? But when i start typing to update (real update, not pictures update) i started to think to myself. "Is there anyone who's gonna read this post?" "Does people will judge me by this post?"

Maybe i am paranoid. Bleghh. 

SO! From the title of this entry, I am gonna show you what's in my bag! I've did 'What's in my bag' post couple of years ago. But today's 'What's in my bag' is special. Not actually special lah. It is actually 'What's in my SCHOOL bag' .

Since i am still a school student, my everyday bag is my school bag.  So lets see what i bring to school everyday!

First of all, this is my bag. Such a familiar looking bag is it? It is because i bought it when i'm in form 4 and i blogged about it! Here! I don't know where the matching pencil case went. 

I love this bag! 

I've been using it since form 4, and when i'm in form 5 in the second semester, i used another bag that i bought till i'm in lower 6 but then the plastic thingy to hold the straps  broke. So i re-use this bag till now. I didn't bother to buy a new bag since i only have a few semester left to finish my STPM. 

Oh and i bring plain water to school everyday because i am a waterholic. Seriously i am addicted to drink plain/mineral water. But not RO water. I hate Ro water because somehow it has a bitter taste to it. I dont know if it's only me or RO water really did have bitter taste. 

Also, people need to drink 8 glasses of water or more everyday to survive the Malaysian heat!

I have this cute koala kaychain from Koala's March i got as a free gift. Heheh. Cute isn't 

Here's how it looks like inside of my bag. Lets see through 1 by 1 shall we. 

Normal thing in most student's bags! Exam sheets! I prefer narrow lines because my handwriting my small. So narrow lines is very very VERY suitable with my kind of handwriting. Also i prefer 80 gsm papers actually, but i can't find it when i bought this. But 70 gsm is still okay. 

I use exam sheets to write notes and exercises. 

My note book. Although i didn't use a note book to jot down notes for every subjects because i use exam sheets to write notes and then put it in a binder, but I still keep a small and handy note book in case we have a briefing or a meeting. 

Exercise books. Because we've finished most of our syllabus (except History) so now we're only do revisions. 

My hard file. To keep my returned exam papers/exercises or exercises that i haven't submit. 

Since my bag comes with only 2 compartment, i use this to organize my things. This bag organizer i bought few years back from Tidy-Neat. Check them out! Huge range of colours and sizes to pick! It is so convenient to have this because i am traumatized to put my stuff in the front pocket of my bag. I cursed you all pickpocketers out there!!

I put my phone, a pen and a highlighters in the organizer so i can reach them easily. Oh no my school didn't allow students to bring handphones to school but mehh, who follow rules nowadays?

And i have only a pen and a higlighter in my bag because i left my pencil case under my desk. I seldom do my homeworks at home because i usually finish them at school and i only do revisions at home. 

A pen and a highlighter is enough to do revisions. And you don't need a liquid paper/correction tape because life is the art of drawing without an eraser (or a correction tape/liquid paper in this case).

I brought
-Tissues because a girl need one! A must have in every girl's bags.
-Labello lip balm because i cant stand chapped lips. Bought few years back when i'm in Mekah for Umrah. 
-Body Shop White Musk Body Mist because you need one when you need extra confidence in yourself
-reinforcement rings to protect your exam sheet's holes before putting them in the binders
-sticky notes to put love notes on crush's desk. Nahh just joking. 

-Mini wet wipes for... just because... you'll never know if you need it
-feminine needs! Because you'll need one when it's that time of the month. Or you can help a sister when she needs one. 

-My pendrive attached to the organizer.

Some other things that's not in here but usually they're are here
-My name's rubber stamp because i left it under my desk accidentally. I'm the laziest person ever because im lazy to srite my own name. It's too long. I cant imagine if i have a longer name. 

No purse? No because i don't really use a purse. i don't usually bring money to school because i rarely eat at school. I only have my license but i left it the the car. Heheh. 

And no i don't leave my phone and pendrive in my bag when i left my class. I put them in my pocket when i need to go anywhere, even to the toilet. Don't even think about stealing my stuff. I don't leave them to someone to watch it for me because i don't believe in anyone. 

In case if you wondering what with the ribbons. It is actually a DIY compartment i did by myself. As you can see, my bag doesn't come with a compartment/pocket which i can keep my books without them to lean/fall to the front and making my bag looks huge

So i sew 3 strips of ribbons as a substitute for the pockets. It is also convenient for me when i need to dig out my stuff and need to unzip my bag fully. My books wont disturb me when i'm searching for my stuff because they are secured by the ribbons!

Any students who have this kind of problems can do this! Or you guys can just buy a new bag if your bag doesn't have compartment/pocket for papers/books. Your parent are rich right. If you're a cheapskate like me then you can do this. 

So that's it! About what's in my bag and what i bring to school everyday. 

See you guys in the next post, which is me myself don't know when. 


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Assalammualaikum. Hows ur stpm? :)

AinSaniah said... Reply To This Comment

@Izz Hazwani Waalaikumsalam! Hi! stpm was fine, sorry for the lare reply btw :)

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