Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Turn ons and turn offs

Hey, recently i watched Emma Blackery's video on her turn ons and turn offs so i also want to write the same thing! Basicly it's 5 things that i like in a guy and 5 things  i dislike in a guy. So lets begin.. although i know that NO ONE CARES but still, i will write hehe

Turn ons

  1. Jaw line - i loveeeeeee men with jaw line, looks very sexy. nuff said. 
  2. Manly smell - i get turn on  when i cross with this fella with such a lovely smell. I'm not sure of myself wether it's his fragrance/perfume but he his smell is very... eccentric? but in a good way. One of my friend once told me that the smell is actually tobacco. Probably because he is trying to get rid of the tobacco smell by spraying a bunch of perfume on himself, and wallah, thats the smell that i love. wtf. if its true, then i'll be the creepiest girl on earth that love the smell of tobacco =,=
  3. Man with strong and fierce face but with a very lovely smile - i love man with strong and fierce criminal-look-alike face. seriously. maybe because i think, he will suit me very well. imagine me with a cute baby faced boy beside, so not match right? criminal look-alike but with a very pure, humane and amiable heart, and to add with a very lovely smile, and every time he speaks, he will never forget to smile, that  is what i define 'handsome'. this will make me melts as soon as he smile. nice guy inside out. 
  4. Clean cutNice Well groomed , nice shaved for both facial hair and head hair hahaha. looks classy right? and handsome :> moustache and beard will be exceptional only IF they look good on him. well for me i like a man with nice well managed facial hair.
  5. Intelligent and maturity- here i'm not saying that he gets straight As or 4.00 in every exams, what i mean is he has his own passion and he has his own goals to achieve, not someone who live his life just because he's living in this world. I like someone who is independent, and also can lead me to the right path and can be my imam someday :> yeah, i like that kind of guy. 

Turn offs
  1. Immaturity - i'm fine with jokes, but not immature jokes, and jokes about making fun of people, especially me. i dislike guys who didnt took care of our (women/girls') sensitivity. we're girls, we're sensitive, so deal with it. no matter how tough the girl is, she's still has some sensitive spot, and some boys/male/guys/men didnt pay attention to that. it's the major turn off, sorry. 
  2. Didn't have respect for others - especially to EVERYONE. to elders, to women, to other guys, and to other people. some guys didnt have respects to other people i wonder why and it turn me off
  3. spendthrift - when i meet a guy, i will imagine hows my life if i'm with him. and if he is a spendthrifter, how will i ever can be with him? Turn off!!
  4. Not really listening to us -  i love to tell stories i really do, and i love to talk but i hate it when i said "i have a story" he replied " what is it" then i tell him the story but actually he didnt listen to me, he's doing something else. if he didnt even want to hear my story why would he lie? so i didnt offended? well congratualtions, you're now a rascal, which is point number 5. just be true to yourself, if  you want it then say it, but if you hate it, then say it too. no one here a can read minds. and dont be a guy with lack of confidence or low self esteem, it is something turn women off about you guys. and also, dont be too arrogant , women hate that too. 

So thats my turn ons and offs! Although there's a lot more turn ons and offs for me to guys, but this will do. So how about your turn ons and turn offs? 


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