Friday, March 8, 2013

More picturesss!!

Since i slept for 5 hours siang tadi, so now i have no problem staying up late. I drank coffee, so i think i may not be sleeping for tonight. I need to complete all my on hold tasks. sob s sobs. My tasks all piled up man. God give me the strength to complete all these, Amin. 

And!! i dont have anything to tell. As usual, i only have pictures. and pictures tell thousands of stories isnt it?  but it think i seriously need to tell what, who and when everytime i post pictures. so you guys will not wondering what actually we did, where who's involved. right?

well this is the remaining pictures taken in the bus heading back to school from the MiTC. Karnival Jom Masuk U. I had a very good time!! 

so enjoyyy. although there's nothing to enjoy :\

buruk gila wei, kau sedar tak?

Penyangak-penyangak. Baju dah oren tu, macam banduan habis ah. Tapi bukan banduan Malaysia ah kan.  Dalam bas OTW balik ke penjara kannn. 


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