Tuesday, December 4, 2012

School Holiday

Is freaking boring!! That is all i want to say about this year-end school holiday. I thought it's gonna be like best and fun holiday ever because of my schedule ha-ha sounds like i'm  already a working lady right? although i'm only a school girl, ya lor, i'm 18 and i'm still consider as a school girl unlucky to be a  form six student fml. 

so back to the topic at first i thought this holiday i'm gonna spend it wisely on shopping or hang out with my bitches, or just hang out with my family, but i end up sleeping all day long ok la not all day long but i sleep till noon, wtf anak dara apa macam ni?! Well at least i wake up for solat subuh okay! then sleep back la, theres nothing else to do. Other than sleep i eat and poop, onlining too, almost 80% of my waking hours i online leh. Or play xbox! My favourite game right now is Prototype :D 

And also this past few months keep raining at the evening and almost every freaking day. Also as a factor to sleep lah hahaha. And also last week its raining heavily until theres thunder and lightning until it strike our internet line until our telephone line, modem and router not working. Almost a week no wifi at home. Also another factor to sleep/ play xbox. AND a reason to delay to pass up my assignment hurhur. Yesterday orang TM came to repair our telephone line and my father upgraded our wifi! Now is faster, and 2 times better. if other people facetime also got no problem using the internet :D

I do went out with friends but only twice, but that also not all went la. Only few of us. It's fun, but its lacking something. I dont know what.  

And i heard that lot of people wanna leave form 6 lehh!!!! How can this be?! Why does all of you want to leave me? it's not fair. But if its the best for you, then go lah. I'm not gonna stop you. All i want to do is cry haha no la just kidding. Because i'm cool like that, i'm not going to cry even if my class left only 10 students. Then good for me la, the teachers also can focus on me alone haha but if i do something wrong they also can sense it right away omg. 

So, i'm sorry for the lack of post this year, i'm thinking of quiting from blogging but i thought this blog can be my personal but online diary although i update about once a week. and this blog also has many fond memories of high school so i'm still thinking of it. But in case if you miss me, here is my latest picture of me at the Masjid Selat today. I'm wearing baju kurung because of all my clothes already habis leh, our washing machine also not working suddently, and also we went to eat nasi arab so it's also to bring out the arab mood and also to be more muslimah as all the workers at the restaurant is original from arab and all male. Oh i should wear my jubah and also wear a niqab tadi kan. hmm. 

i know you cant see my face clearly, here is another one hahahahah

Till then, bye~


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