Friday, December 14, 2012

New clothes!~

No no i am not gonna show you what i bought during my holiday although i spent really really over budget and now i am totally broke.. i need a sugar daddy who can supply me enough or infinity money to shop! I am currently in mood to shop or at least to window shopping.
I even don't know why , maybe i've reach my femininity, i also wear pink now wtf, bought cosmetics products and also wear a face mask once in awhile omg i am seriously turning into a girl FINALLY!!! 

And did you notice that i changed my blog's clothes? I mean my blog's backgroud?! If you did congratulations you didnt win anything!  But if you didnt notice it then.. go on live in your pathetic life without noticing me  haha kidding leh! I've changed my background not because i hate it my previous one, but because i cant put up huge ass pictures in it, i love big pictures, but i know i am not beautiful ya lar i know who i am..

 Anyway! i also suddently love to put up emoji these days! Feels so classic right? Remembered when these emoji were fehmes and almost all blogs use it, it was so cute back then, and much more cute now! 

Maybe this is enough la, too many emoji already in 1 post hahah cant resist, they're so cute!!

So good night 


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