Thursday, December 13, 2012

Linggi (Full)

Ya lar ya lar, i know i already post something about Linggi before, but that's only the teaser muahahaha. This is the full post. So i hope you guys who can patiently scroll down to view ALL the pictures! Of course it is full of us! 

I think this is Klebang Beach, at first we're thinking of hanging out at Klebang but suddently Tyra ajak pergi Linggi 

And we lepak at Klebang for about an hour

Had some drinks also at Klebang

I think this is Linggi

Sun bathing hahahaha

If you want to do wedding photography here also can lah i think

See see? It is so pretty!!

I think if i have another chance to go, i definitely go again

Then Mina i dunno what happened to her, she asked me for tissue, then she showed me this hahaha what happen leh?! we all didnt have this, why did she the only want to bleed, her foot also bleed hahahaha funny mina is funny XD

This is all of us, Tyra drove us here :)

On our way back to our car, we walked quite far! Jalan balik terasa penatnya, jalan pergi rasa seronok je kan haha 

The last picture of the day. At first we decided to one person to stand under each tree and pose, but didnt do it because.... i also didnt remember why.. hmm...

Then it already 1PM and then we went to Aeon, window shopping and also went to McDonalds to have lunch. Happy Happy ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ 


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