Thursday, November 1, 2012

Summary of this week.

I heard a terrible news on last Sunday that my classmate, Muzzammil or best known as Mael had a fever since Saturday and admitted to the nearest hospital at dusk on Sunday and transfered to Hospital Melaka at the midnight. His liver is infected and he's suspected for jangkitan kencing tikus. 

so on Monday after school me and my friends went to visit him. and good news he already discharged yesterday!! :D :D :D

so back to last monday's story, after we visited him it's already 7PM and thinking that we couldnt arrive hime in time for maghrib, Tan Sri drove to Masjid Al-Alami to solat and after that to McDonald to have dinner because ramai sangat sibuk gaduh laparudin (including me).

And also, our final is just next week. Please pray for us >.< 4.0 please be ours!!

During Economy class.


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