Sunday, October 21, 2012

Summary of my week

Didnt have any cool stories to tell you guys, since we've started ICC week, we'll learn ONE particular subject the entire school hours, means 1 subject per day. Luckily MUET scheduled on Friday, i'm not willing to learn English for F-ing 7 hours!!! seriously i admit, i love English, but i dont want to learn it for 7 to 8 straight hours, my brain probably will explode meh.. just to think about it, mindblown! but honestly i think i need to learn more English..

on last thursday, we had luncheon with the pengetua at 10AM =,= seriously? luncheon at 10AM? seriously?! well at least we get free food fml already good enough, happy tummy is happy kid. so this pictures were taken by the school counselor, who is also a sister of one of my friend, so she borrowed the camera and we camwhored la what else kan? BUT HER SISTER UPLOADED ALL THE F-ING PICTURES AT THE SCHOOL'S FB FML FML FML. 

so malu la where to put my face after this?! 

luckily there's no ugly face :/

and on Friday we celebrated Tyra'a birthday! i brought a cake for us :D 

Happy birthday love! 


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