Friday, October 12, 2012


i am here to clarify myself that i, noor ain saniah bt mohd halim, finally..... ahem..... likes pink wtf. after so many years i've been avoiding myself from this girly colour, i finally, in my 18 years of life lose myself to pink. for all this while i've been stick to much more darker colours eg black, brown and grey. then it's grew to more lighter colour such as blue, green and purple and now it's pink. 

COME ONNNNNNN pink is so not suitable with me la! but my iPod is pink, twitter and blog also pink wtf dieee meeee. i think pink is such a peaceful colour HAHA VAIN!

anyhoots! my trial finally ended~~~!!!!!!!
*singing we are the champion*

finger crossed for good results for all of us! byebye~!


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