Friday, August 3, 2012

Exam is over!

Exam is over! yahooo! last for 3 days, i survived all 3 days although i was f8cking sick with cough and flu and headache and stuff. Imagine answering with continuos sneezing, i feel bad about my friends, distracted by my sneezing and coughing.. no la actually  i didnt feel bad at all wtf

my second last paper, wah so sleepy until teacher on duty also sleeping =,= but none of us dare to cheat or discuss the question paper, cuz all of us busy laughing our ass of XD laugh at the teacher!! XDD LOL!!

he slept about hundreds positions hahaha!! and he almost fell from his chair too wtf!  too bad i was busy laughing and forgot to take pictures of him, but i manage to capture some XD

my last paper, which is today, was MUET, only an hour and half, friends complain they didnt have enough time to complete their essay, but i mange to sleep for about 20 minutes =,=
wth did they write ha? mine is very short and i think i will get a 'short' mark too XD
just pray to God so that i wont happen XD


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