Sunday, April 1, 2012

Past 2 weeks.

My last two weeks was kinda fun, and hectic for me. But it was fun. Yeah its fun. 

I google about Barack Hussein Obama. Because  there's rumors saying that Barack Obama is a Muslim. He's not a Muslim, end of story. 

went to pasar malam 

Hida's hacking my fb. I hacked hers too. 

Ordered rillakuma bag

played Blackjack on work days. 

i dont know what the hell is this. the asnwer is WHALE. 

ordered K-drama. received free show somemore


bye bye my old shoe. 

15th YG Family concert CD!!!!!! 
i'll not buy this shit. I'M WAITING FOR THEIR DVD. 

ordered lontong for breakfast, and i found this in my kuah. and i found this. wtf is this? kau letak kimchi ke dalam lontong aku ni?! suke hati kau je nak letak batang kubis kan?!

SALEEEEEEEE~! 50% off~!

nyummy lunch 

face mist

new book. 

my cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee twitter

nyummy dinner

My masterpiece in Draw Something

Hida's masterpice. 

Thats all. KBAI. 


ziera_yaya said... Reply To This Comment

salam. sis, u order kdrama kt mane?

saniaa said... Reply To This Comment

@ziera_yaya kat sini

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