Monday, April 30, 2012


After a few weeks working like a bull, finally had my day off today. So went out with parents. Main aim : Popular Bachang. but kena pergi banyak tempat lain dulu =,=

First stop : JJ lama Melaka, bought sport shoes muehehe, and went to Popular in it, bought a book (obviously takkan beli ikan pulak kat Popular). Me in JJ while mama and abah went to settle kan hal saman kat MBMB sebelah nun je haaa.

Second : Melaka Raya, mom went to Etiqa, dad went to Al-Rajhi bank. And me? played Money pig while waiting for them =,=

On our way back to our car, which is farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr away from both the Etiqa and bank, saw this lovely water plant growing healthy under the bright sun. Me covered in sweat jalan kaki tengah panas but seewing this somehow very soothing. 

grow healthy little one ;)

Third : Masjid Pulau hahaha whats its real name actually? =,=

of course to perform our Solat duhh..

Mom asked me to snap her pic, and she gave me this pose. I was like " . . . . ..  =.="

Since when there's sudut kanak-kanak kat Masjid?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we tasted the popular Klebang Coconut Shake!! Really awesome!! so good!!! :D

Vain~~~~~~~~~ vain~~~~~~~~~~~~

Fourth : Mom's desired shop, selling hotel stuff~ blablabla~

Fifth : EAT !!

alahai malu-malu kucing~ meoww~

i've done eating and saw something... .... this restaurant ada masuk dalam Jalan-jalan Cari Makan rupanyaaaa~

This one. The food, biasalah~ ok ok aje, takde lah the bomb sangat sampai nak jilat jari kaki. Harga , tak tanya pulak dad yang bayar. 

bought thissssssssss~ hihi 
Aim nak cari Diary Of A Wimpy Vampire : Prince of Dorkness but tak jumpa T_T

Esok cuti lagi yay! planned nak pergi PWTC pesta buku tu hihi, nak borong banyakkkkkkkkkk anime comics!!


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