Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Umrah 2012

So hey guys, Assalamualaikum. haha kan orang selalu cakap 2012 is the world's end, kalau nak kiamat pun, kiamat lah, semua tu kuasa tuhan (but aku belum bertaubat lagi omg, jgn kiamat dulu!!) , yang pasti i've seen Kaabah . yes the Holy Kaabah. One of my biggest dream came true. Thank mom, for brought me there. I love you. 

i didnt bring camera actually hahahhahahahhahahah only depends on my iPod. phone also no use la because i didnt buy Saudi sim card haha. so i had to stick with either my sis on bro when going anywhere, cuz mom cant contact me, cuz i didnt have sim card lmaoooo. after 2 days in Madinah my phone already dead, and didnt charge it until the last day our stay in Mekah. (our flight from KLIA to Madinah, no transit, stay at madinah couples of day then take a bus to Mekah, going back home from Jeddah airport to KLIA)

so stick to my actual point, i didnt bring any camera, so my pictures tak banyak lah. I'll just post it all here, or yu guys can follow my instagram ainsaniah

with sissy, at Madinah airport

Masjid Nabawi

Masjid Nabawi

ladang kurma

jabal uhud

our last day in Madinah

klon onyen muahaha

on our way to Mekah, already in our Ihram, ber miqat di Bir 'Ali

Asar prayer right in front of the Holy Kaabah, walaupun solat kecik je mata sebab silau



sissy trying to put on eye liner yg baru je dibeli hahaha


Beautiful Holy Kaabah


Masjidil Haram

hantuuuuuuuuu hahahhahahha

they're cleaning the masjid by wiping all the tiang and lampu with damp cloth

zam zam 

our last day in Mekah

after tawaf wada'

Jeddah airport, hahahhaha lmao our funny faces

breakfast in flight

arrived KLIA, juwita aisha

ah tertinggal ini, with untaaaaaa

all 8 of us, juwita rendah sangat tak masuk camera, mak pun tak masuk camera, wahed camera man, that pakcik tidur tutp muka tu is our uztaz. 

if there's no problems, i'll curik my sis punya gambar from her camera hehe


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