Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Holiday 03 part 1

Hello, so long no see me right? hehe i'm working part time XD

This time we're flying to Sabah again !!

Masjid KLIA, there's a huge mirror, so much fun camwhoring at the huge mirror, and i actually took a lot of picture of me there! but ... nevermind. 


arrived at the hotel, free wifi and different lines for each floor.  so each floor got quite laju siot line

wait let me google what is this, ah it's Rotary Trigg Hill

view of the sea from the hill


Clock Tower

The famous Sepilok Orang Utan Rehab Centre, but we didnt get in ==" it's past their meal time T^T #ForeverRegret

But we went to see this instead :D #HappyKid

The tickets also so cool

found an Enggang

a small path to get in their habitat

ta-dahhh !

we can stand beside them sooooo close, but we cant touch them, i dunno what will happen if we touch it :\

we're the only malay =="

lunch timeeeeeeeeee

neomu sexy hae ~

then we went to Sandakan Crocodile Farm

aishh dont want to talk about this farm lah, so kesian lehh at the animals!! cacat, not living in their own habitat, starving and many more!!

the croc show also very pathetic :\

this one is VERY HUGE. 

ahahah! P, B and J Otter! remember the cartoon? peanut butter and jelly otter? nevermind... :\

the only one, alone, kesian ..

this cute little thing is also alone ... T^T

starving deer

starving goats ...

so kesian... i will continue My Holiday 03 later.. maybe next week XD


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