Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Block B Welcome To The Block Limited Edition

So yeah, it's my new collection, arrived few weeks ago. Hihi sorry for the late review. 

the letter 'b' kinda look like it can be taken off, at first i thought it would be nice so i can use it as book markers hahahahha

actually it cant! it stick to the inside page, and act like a stopper (?) or a lock to the front cover so it will not easily open. 

normal or standart album would look like this, but not to Limited Edition, no wonder their limited edition is so cheap. but i think it's okay la since the normal edition doesn't include poster and photobook. 

the cover of the photobook looks exantly like the poster. 


aegy taeil

every member got a little self intoduction



oh actually on the plastic wrap got this sticker

the poster tube is huge man! 

poster, for me it's an 'okay' poster

can u please stick it with much more effort ?!!! 

later i'm gonna review B.A.P Warrior too :D 


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