Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My holiday 01

ohai. i have tons of pictures of my holiday, but havent post out yet. Today i will start doing so for you gaisss. 

My dad bought me a set hydroponik

That's my bro, cleaning up his fish pond. 

My sawi is getting bigger. but i think it's not sawi. up untill now, it doesnt grow. or maybe because it doesnt receive enough sunlight :\

Then me, aina, laila and my bro went to my sis's house :D

this is lil El Nino. 

with Lulu

Nina Start. This kitten is open for booking. 

Tiger Lily, this one can book also. 

Three kittens

Barbie movie marathon. sighh ..... 
i watched 5 barbie movies in 1 day XD

El Nino sleep with her/his master >.<

then we went barbeque-ing !!!!!!!!!!!

barbeque-ing with one of our Malaysian Footballer !! just kidding, that's my sis. 

we went uhh i dont remember where, there's air terjun, omg so much fun!


attack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nak built a sand castle katanyaa

this kid yu know, doesnt want to came out from the water at all ! troublesome !

fooooooooooooooooooooodddd !!

zomg, yummiest chicken ever !

lamb cutlet. 

i never like kambing before because of its taste zomg, so ke-kambing-an, but this is AWESOMESAUCE ! i ate so many till i can die, so full !

the rest of the food tak sempat nak ambil gambar, dah siap masuk perut XD

so, wait for my holiday 02 ya~! bye~!


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