Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 22: What’s in your purse?

gahhhh do i have to take picture for this =,= i'm soooo lazy! but for you i will do it. what? yes, you are welcome. 

this the look of my wallet from the outside. nak curi pun terbatal niat sebab huduh sangat. kan

inside. little miss juwita aisha. 

torned RM5 T_T 

my IC. i hide it behind juwita's pic. and my hubby card. got it for free :D

received it when i'm form2. one of my dorm-mates gave it. 

picture of me when i'm form1 and my friend. Diana. 

business cards. 

new pictures of me. 

tiket wayang. Justin Biebers : Never Says Never 3D

Baby pic of me!! oh i'm so vute hahahah

S'pore money. 

some money and receipt. 

thats it!


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