Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 6: A picture of something that makes you happy

i'm gonna change it from A PICTURE to PICTURES :D hehe

#1 - my KPOP merchandises. i love my merchandises. but i'm gonna sell some of it, and i already sold 1 album :D

#2 - My Husband. yes, this is my husband, u jelly? no? cuz u caramel? 
hahaha geddit geddit? hahaha stupid jokes XD

#3 - our lil princes Juwita Aisha 

#4 - my beloved family 

#5 - animalssssss. pictures of animals can make me happy :]


This is also a panda. its name is Red Panda. it is the same species as Racoon.  it's population is decreasing because of global warming :'(

#6 - my favourite girl group, 2NE1. 
2NE1 pronouced as To Anyone or Twenty One

#7 - my favourite boy group,  B2ST.
B2ST  @ Beast

#8 - and lastly, fooooooooooooood
fooood can make me happyyyyyyyyyy :D


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