Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 3: A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

aha. todays post gonna be kinda emotional. a letter to someone who has hurt me? i have lots of things to tell you. but first of all, thank you. thank you for hurting me. most of you were my bestfriends. a bestfriend who i tought my forever friend till the end. but unfortunately, i'm wrong. you're not my forever friend. instead, you hurt me, betrayed and backstabbed me. i know i'm wrong, but i dont really know what have i done to you until u did these to me. forgive me. 

to you who has hurt me, although u didnt realise u hurt me wtf. thankyou. i'm gaining strength from your hate. i'm gaining confidence to walk infront of you and act normally, like we didnt know each other. u made me realised that not everything that we wish for, will be ours. and you’re everything I thought you never were. And nothing like I thought you could’ve been. day by day u changed a little bit more. day by day u hurt me a little bit more. until now, the wounds is getting bigger and it cannot heal by itself when you're around. so please go away. leave me alone. but thank you for everything. 

to you who has hurt me, thank you for apologizing to me. and i already forgived you and all your friends long time ago. before we started SPM. but i didnt have the guts to apologize to you guys. and i didnt want you to see me after all the things you did to me. i can forgive but i cant forget. the way you insult me. and you insult my family, i'm sorry, i cant forget about it. 

to you who has hurt me, thank you for making my life miserable. because of you, i have no one to trust. i even lost my trust to my own friends. what more worst than that? while i'm here hurting so much, you there can laugh out loud without thinking what i'm feeling inside. yes i'm laughing too with my friends, i jokes around. but it was all fake. nothing can make me forget about my miserable life. i hope you live well. i'm against bullying. 


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sian adek aku ni....

u know what? i'm waiting for this entry since 4 days ago!!! muahahaha!!! mmg tunggu yg ni je!

my 2 cent: just move on. x guna mengharap pada yg x sudi. ahaks!

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