Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 20: 3 things you are proud of about your personality.

3 things i'm proud of about my personality? man thats hard. i dont know what i'm proud of :/ can i list down more than three? can i? okay. 

  1. i'm proud that i not too skinny and not too fat. i'm on my ideal bmi. i'm not obese. 
  2. i'm proud of my height. thanks to my height, i'm not obese hahahh. if i'm less than 5cm i already obese wan hahaha
  3. i'm proud of my jealousy. it's so supreme until i myself cannot handle it. i get jealous very easily hahah
  4. i'm proud of my sarcatism because i dont even know how to! i'm so pure and innocent child hahah
  5. i'm proud of my bravery. i dont even scared at earthworms, cicak and lipas. but no no to katar and ular. my biggest nightmare. 
  6. i'm proud of my sensitivity. i can cried over tiny little things. like watching the meme proposal from Tim to Aud, i cried. it was so sweet :') and watching the movie Red Dog. i cried till i sobbing wan! 
okay thats it. babai


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