Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 2: Meaning behind your blog name and URL.

i am an Otaku. seriously i love anime comics. i first love Ben and all his work. The Fishes, Le Gardenie and Innocent. then i started to love overseas manga-ka. mostly Japanese manga-ka. Motomi Kyousuke, Yasuko and Usami Maki are my favourite. 

so my blog URL came from Ben. i'm a girl so i put Misz infront. names like Misz, Ayien and more extra/ over spelling are popular that time. and i put zz at the back. just.. awesome (that time) 

my blog name actually doesnt mean anything. p/s: i love you? i dont have anyone special to love right now except my family. or i do have actually. ahh i'm married actually! call me Mrs. Son.
HAHAHAHHAHA okay this is funny. 


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