Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 19: Something you miss.

Something i miss, hmm. ape eh? well, baru balik dari Holiday 02. so, i miss onlining 24/7. i miss opening new tabs with same benda again and again. i miss bukak benda yang sama beribu kali.  and i miss all my kpop stuff. kalau kat rumah, hari-hari tengok album-album tu. belek button beast. ahh best nyaa~

and i miss my friends. last tengok diorang hari exam chemist. last exam acc, diorang takde. nak buat gathering, but semua dah busy. macam lah kitorang ni baru lepas grad, semua dah kerja bagai. padahal baru lepas spm je. haha i pun busy taww. i busy dengan holiday i yang pack tu. my schedule penuh dengan holiday je. next trip : Sabah. 

and i miss my favourite kpop group. bila lah diorang nak buat comeback lagi. 2NE1 will releas new Japan album in February.  what? Japan? are you serious? album Japan mahal weh T_T dah la kedekut. photobook pun takde. takmo takmo. buat comeback kat Korea je laaa. how about B2ST? akan buat world tour!! but i heard rumors that Malaysia is not included T__T 

what else that i miss? oh i miss blogging like old times. i dont know why but the ideas i had seems to be gone when i'm infont of lappy. maybe this blog will become a photography blog. a blog with lots of pictures and only pictures with so little words hahah who knows? 

hmm what else? did i miss someone special? eh?! i have a someone special?! no. i didnt have one. i didnt have two or three. i hav none! no one special in my life except my family members. i treated my friends equally. in my mind, if i treated them nice, they will be nice to me too. what goes around comes around right? thats how life should be. everything in life is temporary. so if things are going good, enjoy it because it wont last forever. and if things are going bad, dont worry. it wont last forever either. ahaa i copied this from my relatives page at facebook XD somehow i love it. 

oh and i miss my sissy. my girl-friend hahahha somehow she's so opposite to me. she's so girly while i'm kinda  like boyish. but now she's brainwash-ing me to become more girl-ish :| MANN I NEED THAT NAIL BUFFER RIGHT NOW !!


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awwwwww..... u miss me? really? awwwwwwww again...

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