Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 1: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts.

Assalamulaikum. Hello.  should i introduce myself? can i jump?

err my name is Ain Saniah. i'm seventeen. how about yu guys follow me in Twitter? that should be awesome :D

these are some facts about me. 
  1. i used to love Facebook so much. but now i'm more to Twitter
  2. i am a hardcore kpop fan. i love B2ST 2NE1 Block B X-5 and A Pink 
  3. i am Son Dongwoon's virtual wife HAHAHAHAHAHA okay not funny. i love him. yeahh
  4. currently i trust no one. sorry friends. but i've been betrayed by my own friends, whom i thought my BFF. 
  5. status? i'm married. duhh with my hubby, Dongwoon oppa HAHAHAH okay not funnyyyyy. 
  6. im youngest in my sibling. i have two awesome brothers and a lovely sister
  7. i LOVE food. food makes me happy. 
  8. i love cute things. but i dislike Pink. 
  9. i love to watch CSI and Leverage
  10. i love animals and plants and nature. 
  11. i've never been to any concerts. but i would love to go. i WILL go to 2NE1 / B2ST concert in Malaysia. 
  12. i have 6 / 7 kpop albums. hihihi
  13. i want to work with Jabatan Perhilitan, can ah?
  14. i am no good with English. but i love to write in English.
  15. i dont know how to starts a conversation

Thats it for today :D see ya next day !


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