Monday, December 5, 2011


last few weeks i started my SPM. and in the middle of SPM i went to KLIA to pick up my brother. lame story, i know. and i didnt study for my next exam wtf.

my father asked us to join him on his sawit project. but we didnt plant sawit. we planted pokok petai instead. it was a long day for Princess Aisha. she's a princess. kebun probably the last ranking dream-trip in her list. 

she smile for the camera of course. she's the Princess. 

woahh my aunty once offered me pair of tickets to 2PM Hands Up Live Concert. but because of some reasons, i didnt take it. but my other brother  went with his gf. 

he said it was awesome for him (not a kpoppers) imagine if i (a kpopper) went to the concert. my whole blog will turn upside down with photos and video at the concert. and my life too. 

ahh dont worry. he snapped some photos at the concert :D

and he bought me this !! i love you bro !!

musim tengkujuh is here. please prepare yourself an umbrella and raincoats everyone :D


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