Saturday, November 26, 2011

dream ii

hello, no this not the second episode of my last post tittled Dream. it's just that i heard people said that dream resembles our inner feeling. we tend too let all our inner feeling that we pendam in sleep. really? it is serious? tell me nao ! so tell me why i cry in my sleep? why i getting mad in sleep until i woke up screaming? why? why why?! i woke up but i doesnt remeber what i dreamt about. but i woke up feeling tired nak mampos with eye bag and black eye circle. tell me why these shit things happen to me. 

is it because of my emotions? i think i dont stress myself out much. i dont depress over every little things. but one of my classmates which also a close friend of mine said i do have little tiny bit of stress over tiny little things. but i deny it. because i dont want to stress myself out over stress topic because it will making me stress. HAHA

haha whatever. i woke up early today. because we have to pick up my brother at the airport. he's coming home!! yay!!  baksu chow !! *means clap your hands*


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