Monday, October 31, 2011


i'm super exhausted until i dont know what to put as title, but i'm willing to write for you all, yes you are welcome. so this post is about my dream last night which is super duper awesome i tell you. it making me woke up in the morning with a smile on my face. 

so the story start when my mom suddently want to transfer me to another school, a pedalaman school. that school only have 3 classes for form 5. and each class have about 25~30 students but only 5 girls, the others is boys. the school is kinda old and ugly. and i dont know how and why Aqila ada kat situ jugak. and telling me that the school is actually a boarding school which Syanad's sister have to attend. its like if you get tawaran from the school u cannot tolak even if you have another tawaran from other school. but i didnt thought at all why i didnt have to stay at the hostel too wtf. 

when i get in to the class and searching for the class teacher to daftar myself (mom just drop me infront and went home leaving me terkapai kapai at the new school =.=) sudently a boy ask me what am i doing. i said i was looking for the teacher or headmaster. and he said "nevermind, just sit here besides me" ohmaii, he's so handsome you know!! and when i see the other boys in the class ALL VERY VERY VERY HANDSOME and i obviously sit besides him laa, never tolak an oppotunity. i sat in the middle of 2 handsome boys. since that day i getting close with that boys. recess, lunch  and walking back home together. the first boy also ask me about my relationship status, and i said i'm single and want to forget everything about my past and Ex, and he also ask "what do u think about me?"  :DDDDDDD

and suddenly we are at my home, only me and the first boy who greeted me. we are studying at night and theres fireworks outside. dad doesnt let us go out and see. but he insist to and suggest just to run outside for awhile. and i agree i dunno why. i remember running behind him while holding his muscular hand, he had broad shoulder, he has 6packs too i dont know how i know wtf. all i remember he had very asian look, not korean for sure, very the malaysian. he looks very delicate when doing add math wtf. he looks very nice in uniform. the kemeja he wore just fit him perfectly. 

we sat on a bench outside my house under a nangka/cempedak tree. he still doesnt let go of my hand. we talk a bit. he ask if i was okay sitting like that on a stone bench. his voice is so deep and slow to not let my dad hear him. but i didnt have the chance to look at his face although the moonlight that night was very bright. its maybe because i have this attitude when i talk or other person talk i didnt look at people's face, i will blush to death if i did. (but i dont know how i know he had asian face =.=) and the dream ended here ... without knowing his face ... 

dreams are just mainan setan, i know. but thats maybe the most wonderful dream ive ever dreamt. meeting new people and terus jadi bestfriend or maybe more than that. i hope i can be like that in real life. and find my soulmate wuahahahahaha XD


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