Monday, August 22, 2011

Only Me

Well, to start the story, i am not a person who like to cam-whoring, well i like to take pictures, but not taking pics of myself, as u can see, i .... don't know how, i am not photogenic at all. i always show hideous side of me when taking pics of me.  i wont post it to facebook, so i seldomly change my profile pictures. or use my hubby's pic haha LOL

this is .. me, obviously. try not to puke on your keyboard, cuz i will not pay for it. and .. well yeah. this is original, it's non-edited since photoshopped pictures is the current hottest issue in Facebook LOL

with i-dont-know-whose-baby at Ain's wedding
omg?! i'm already married? LOL
i dunno whether she's my cuzin or what haha

in Hida's car, last time in school holiday i went to her haos, n shopping n lepaking at her office haha

at Jasin library, while lepak-ing after extra classes in school holiday, which is suxx
have to wear baju kurung summore =.=||

btw, that is Hida's baju hahaHAHA

Mydin's toilet, one of the wajib place to snap pic, in toilet hell yeah

at King's Hotel, waiting for mom n dad mesyuarat, luckily got Wifi, or not i would die od bored-ness

at mom's kedai, err, no story bout this pic, oh this time i just come back from extra class also
Physics, Friday, 3:00 ~ 5:00 PM

but different day okayy !!

while waiting for my mom shopping, for baju raya

came back from library 
that's my SHINee World T-Shirt wehh !!

i dont know when 
in my own room :)

this is photoshopped picture of me, edited by my friend haha

can u see the differences? haha! no prize for your answers

that's all for today, thankyou~

ohh ahhh i just remembered, i'll post a Eid Card for you guysss, just wait~!

annyeong~! thankyou for your time viewing my hideous but cute face, hiahahaha XD


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