Friday, July 22, 2011

Why I Love Dongwoon So Much

because he's the love at first sight

hehe i am sorry for wasting your time reading this laosy thing, it's just that i haven't updated my blog for a long time, i miss my blog *huggggggggg

insyaAllah, my bro will come home tonight, and i'll borrow his camera to take pictures, tons of pictures of my new kpop stuff, which is i am so excaited about !!! exsaited to max OMG !!

one of them is Invincible Youth Photo Essay Book, and U-Kiss Printed Autographed Only One Album (dude, that's 2 =.=) and 1 album + poster is on it's way to me (Block B New Kids On The Block + poster)

anddddddd i just ordered 2NE1 Mini Album Vol. 2 AND B2ST Fanmeeting Scheduler !! 

OMG, i kenot wait for it to arrive !!! spended my last 3 month's pocket money to buy all this stuff !!!

anyways, just stay tune until it arrive to me and i promise to show it to u guyzzz, although late by a month, but still, i'll post  the pictures here !!

see yaaaa ~!!! !!! !!!


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