Friday, June 24, 2011

new interest

short post

after i read the Naturalist mag, i love this earth more

just thought of saving earth, whole neighbourhood blackout, how great is that?

i love animals more than human, animals never hipocrit about their feelings unlike human

in deep their quite eyes, just full with lies

and after i read the Naturalist mag, i love photography more

not exactly photography,

but the nature-picture-taking, 

sea, land, clouds to name a few, 

imagine u r in mangrove forest, where everything just full with mangrove, how awesome is that?

and when you take a picture of it, for your own collection, as you have been to the mangrove forest, isnt it cool ?

and then suddently a couple of bird approaching you, the beautiful bright blue coloured feathers, perfectly contrast with the mangrove background, make it as the point of view of your picture 

making your picture perfect and your life perfect

pictures credited to Mr G


anggun said... Reply To This Comment

kau dengan aku boleh buat dana melindungi alam sekitar dan haiwan satu masa kelak.kita bukak badan perlindungan. seriously, aku pon more concern about animal cruelty daripada memikirkan politik negara

saniaa said... Reply To This Comment

betul ,aku rasa macam nak post gamba animal cruelty kat i-city tu la kat MNS

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