Thursday, June 30, 2011

I am so sorry but I love you nanana ~

Hahah I am sorry fOlks, I cant update today's entry with yesterday's stOry, the Canteen Day of SMKIS, hey it's very fun!! But if i have my own man ( read - my boyfie ) help me to buy food or drinks for me, it's double the awesomeness, but ssighhh i have nobody, and i dont even want one, later after spm maybe i'll get into serious mode to find one.

So today, only this crappy entry , maybe tomorrow i'll update . Seeya, good night.

Btw, my Block B album already arrived to my supplier's hand, but there's no poster. So she's asking about the poster to her supplier, and i heard from other kpop shop saying that the poster are limited (!) wtf , what to do ~~ i hope i will get the poster ~~~

Updated from iPod

Again sorry for not updating about the canteen day, and i love you


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