Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hello, Tuesday

Hello old friend, we meet again, and we'll meet again next week, next two week, next month, next year and so on. We met everyweek, but i still can't love you. and why is that eghh >.< 

hello, in this lonely night, i would like to make a speech about current issues, 'Why Does My Keropok Lekor Get Lemau Very Fast', first of all, i would like to thanks my parents who didn't let me watch Oh My School this night. It was because, earlier they said that they were busy typing my mom's recipes in Microsoft Words, a few minutes later, 5 minutes before Oh My School starts to be exact, they were sitting comfortably in front of the huge TV bought by my sis n bros watching some kind of drama whatsoever, while i'm typing this post with anger and mosquitos flying above my head, wtf is that ?!

I love keropok lekor, especially the crispy one, not the bulat and panjang n looks like cylinder shape, but the thin n leper one, do u get it? go google la, u the one who said that 'We can get anything by one click' go la click the mouse and see what can u get with one click, at least 3 - 6 clicks until u found the keropok lekor that i was talking about wtf

my mom ask : hei tak bukak buke ke?
me aswering : dah la
mom : buku ape?
me : facebook la
mom : =.=

i know it's a lame joke, just laugh okay? i dont have any ideas now fml. my brain is gone, it's like zombies came and suck my brain out. why did they wanna to suck out dummy brain like mine? go suck out Chuan's or Sik Yong's laa, haiyaaaa 

oh ah, if u want the poster badly, u can add the online kpop store at Facebook, and buy from them. i will not sell my posters unless u are offering me RM15000 for each poster in tube wtf. and i bought UKISS Only One album, it's on promotion, btw it's also have their very own signature on it. later i thought, who like UKISS, no, who actually LOVE UKISS? who is actually is a KISSME? *kissme is the fanclub name for ukiss* so i ask around, and found someone who is actually a KissMe, and i decided to give her the album as birthday pressie. simple right? an early 3 months birthday pressie, which cost me not more than RM30. heh easy peasy.

i also gave qyqy's her pressie for her birthday. a silicone chocolate mould. and i ordered some photocards with the artist's original signs on it, to make a giveaway for my friiends. asking 'Who Love Me The Very Best' the best answer get their bias photocard wtf. no laa, i want to give it to my friends for their birthday haha fool you. and IF i got more money i want to make a contest or giveaway and the prize will be kpop merchandises such as albums, landyards, buttons, photocard and many more, such as these <-- click it ! ,  if you want me to make KPOP GIVEAWAY, go tell your friends to follow me !  I WILL MAKE THE GIVEAWAY HAPPEN ONLY IF I HAVE 500+ FOLLOWERS ! 

so come one guys! make it happen to get kpop merchandises for FREEEEEEEEEEEE~!


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