Friday, June 10, 2011

Ain Saniah's holiday

her holiday starts with 3 days of extra classes damn it. monday, tuesday n wednesday. well, she's not Ain Saniah if she attended all the classes. she ponteng on tues XD if she think of it again, she will be very regretful to ponteng the class, because it's for her own good. but hey, who love school hands up. *hands down

she attend the class wearing full school uniform. her school is so lame. 
question : who wears school uniform on holiday and goes to school at 8:00 AM ?
answer : form 5 students of SIS
ain do wears uniform, AND nike shoes, it's a good thing she didn't buy Supra haha. imagine a girl wearing school uniform and hiigh top supra. at least her Nike in white colour with a lil bit of pink line. when she's arrive people arround her like "wahh cantik kasut" and she didn't know how to respond. she looks like a stupid girl smiling when people tease/fool her. but she know that others are teasing her, and she is not a fool, but they are. stupid people that didn't have their own life,always tease and act bitchy. bitchy here, bitchy there, here and there everywhere. get a life dudes !


then ain goes to her sis's place. shopping, lepaking at her house/office. so fun fun fun fun ! #RebeccaBlack

ikea !

can u see?

hey sexy lady~~~

♪"Baby I'm so lonely"♪ ♥    
2NE1 - Lonely playing

and follow her to mekap orang which take about 45 minutes to travel to KL, and 4 hours travel back =.=||
dont ask why, just read here

and majorly, she watch Invincible Youth. and she finished all 58 episodes in 2 weeks. 

and she finally have her own luggage bag *clapclapclap

crying, monday blues~

then they [ain n her mom] travel back by bus. 

the end


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