Monday, May 9, 2011

i wanna , i wanna , i wanna to have you ~

can i have JJ baru just right beside my haos? easy for me to shopping, n eat ! and shopping ! and eat ! n shopping again ! then there will be GSC ! n there's already have karaoke ! puaha !

there's also have Daiso. Hinode shop, Takoyaki stand, la boheme, my popular, and many more!

but i love Daiso more la !

to largen your boob wtf

and much more importantly! MAJORITY OF THE GOODS ARE RM5 !!

one of the goods i bought is

animal headband. i bought doggy one, but i cant find it. lazy to take pictures of  it. 

next time i go to the Daiso i wanna buy wooden clips with lil tiny deco to clip these 


hihi i made only from some clothes hook and a shoelace. wanna buy some new hoks n more beautyful string next time. of course from Daiso ! n this is where i keep all my keychains. next time i'll blog about keychains.
btw, dont get shock at how many hairclip i got there. its for my daily use to pin up my fringe before wearing tudung for schoool. oh , im gonna cut my hair~~~~~! any idea what style should i attemp this time ?


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