Wednesday, April 27, 2011

new header wuhuuu~!

well, actually i changed it yesterday. but, i've got not enuf time to blog about it. here's some behind the screne of the making of this header n the story behind it.

it is design by me (obviously, u can see the inperfect in there) the clumsiness,  unprofesional editing all by me. hehe. im not a master in editing, im still learning. so please forgive me if your mate is saket looking at it. 

the story behind it:

dream - i always dream to be a successful woman. live in wealthy life. have a happy family. cute children, alongside with my handsome husband. i also dream to meet my bias, of course, the none other, Son DongWoon.

a girl with a flower (me!) - i love flowers. but i dont like people give me flowers. i love flowers when it still alive, means bukan dah petik then arrange it in the vase or something like that. i love it when it still on the ground. live healthily, do their photosynthesis perfectly, under the sun blablabla. get it?

camera - i love taking photos! BUT, taking pictures of THINGS. not HUMAN. such as, butterflies, flowers, senang cerita, i love taking pictures of nature

KPOP - i love kpop. understood?

passport - i want to go oversea!!!!!!!!!!!

aeroplane - my memory on my first flight. hihi

'I Am A Rockstar In My Life' - i am the hero in my life, not u, or u, or them, but me. my life is MY life. not YOURS


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