Sunday, February 20, 2011

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Assalamualaikum everybody. tak jawab dose, kalau jawab? sayanggggggggggggggg~ #MariaElena for this entry, i want to apologize to everyone,yes YOU ! and YOUU for the ke-tidak-update-an in this blog for a long time. well im in my senior year, yes im FORM 5 kyaaaaaa~!! which means i will taking spm this year. 

thank you for my followers, u always supporting me from my back, my family who doesnt misunderstood blogging as waste of time, for never stop me from blogging/onlining as my exams is getting near,thank you, my friends who follow me as well, thank you,  and my streamyx who well behave when im in need for blogging, my laptop,my phone camera who always there when im blogging, once again, thank you very much. 

well macam menang anugerah pulak. my exams will start on 28th Feb. im so sorry but i love you~ once again im so sorry sebab jarang update. 

BUT u all can follow my updates from my twitter ! of course, i will updating my twitter from my phone. oh yes, i just copied this status from my facebook hihi^ 

i think i'll be less onlining starting from next week as my exams just around the corner

sorry for stalkers who cant stalks me anymore
BUT u all can follow me in twitter !
i will post in twitter from time to time (thru phone)
of course la, perempuan la katekan, semua benda nak ceghitaaa !

so,okay, this is it. this is good bye then. but we will meet again of course. byebye, Assalamualaikum :) 

p/s: i will be LESS onlining, not NOT ONLINING ANYMORE :)


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