Monday, January 24, 2011

my weekends

i didnt go to the cross country last Saturday . so that evening aku balik kampung with mama n yaoppppp. we plan to fishing XD 

first thing  we did when we arrived at kampung is find a stick. we olredi bought the string n fish hook on our way there

i'll let the pictures tell u the further story

food is a must

then we start a campfire (?)

oh, 2 campfire

make it 3 then

oh wait, theres more =.=||

theres 4 fire mama buat. imagine , very hot la weii!

tebas tebas

put cacing

at last, we didnt get any fish at the kolam
we move on, trying to fish at the small river

oh i forgot, this is babi's trace *i'm not cursing ~!*

and this is tenok's trace

tenok's also

guess what it this? bijih timah la weii. 

me : what is this ?
mom : bijih
me : bijih what?
mom : bijih timah

*suddently it drop from my brother's hand*

me : ohh my money! (make shock face)

*all laugh*

brother : bijih timah only la XD

we then fish at the stream. very easy la weii. put cacing at the hook, put the hook into the stream, count until 30, then u get your fish. seriously. we cought almost 16 fishes *proud face*

so thats the end of my weekends. in order to have a good weekends, i olredi finished my homework on saturday =D *proud face againnn*



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