Sunday, January 9, 2011

many things in one :')

first of all, here is Taecyeon

okay its super funny and i cant stop laughing XD

second, Digi Kpop Live

im dying to get one of these. *not so dying la, not like im begging on the streets for money to buy the tickets. at least, for my whole life please let me once go to real LIVE korea concert. please !! JEBAL !!*it means please in korean

third, esok sekolah. macam biasa. my monday blues will naturally show up. ughh please . i hate that feeling

fourth, im gonna finish my Malay Literature Novel Sutera Dalam Lukisan tonite !

fifth, my Family Outing season 1 collections almost finish! another 15 episodes to go ! (download > burn into DVD's) i love former fairy Lee Hyori in the show. always fighting with One Man JongKook, with her Nation Sibling Jaesuk, Jaesuk with his Dumb and Dumber brother Daesung, Game Devil Sooro, Sick Elderly Jongshin, Park Sibling Park Haejin n Park Shiyeon. if u ask me which is the best episode, i cant answer it. semua best !!

everytime i watch it, mesti akan drooling. tengok diorang masak. altho dalam episode tu semua cast cakap tak sedap, tapi disebabkan diorang makan sama-sama pastu borak-borak menjadikan perkara tu nampak macam best. overall, i like season 1 more than season 2. sebab kadang-kadang Family tu overreact sikit. dengan idol baru la ape la. just saying. sorry.



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