Monday, January 3, 2011

the first of the very first ^o^

my very first day of my form5 school life hoho . quite ermm not quite laa VERY DAMN TIRED! first we all have to line up ikut kelas for assembly. about 40 minutes i guess? okay i might sounded exegerate *how to spell ha? but seriously so damn long!! we have to stand, i mean it STANDING the whole time. okay not like it's my first time standing in the middle of the field like a fool hearing the teachers talk about the same things again and again and over again *playing again and again by 2PM. well daa~ its my 5th year in SIS. but i still cant get use to it haha

after assembly we get into our classes. here's the good things. 
1) all Alfa, Beta, Gama *which is my class and Omega are in the same building. so, it is easy for me to "wehh pinjam buku teks Sejarah aku tak bawak dohh" to one of my bestfriend which is just next door. 
2)easy to "hey do u know that Lee Chun Hee is getting married?" "ya i know that, and i know everything, just tell me about something that i dont know" so yeahh, its easy for us gossipping while teachers are not around

the bad things
1) the canteen from my class is so damn far away. iits like my class in the south-end of my school , and the canteen north-end of the school. can  u believe it?!! yeahh, dont believe in. kidding. it's like "heyy its recess, lets go to the canteen and eat!" walk walk walk , finaly arrive.ringgggggg "damn" what the point? but im so glad that we have SISCO in our school XD the nearest kiosk selling foods from my class. but still quite far T___T
2) my class is soooooo far from the SPBT room. imagine i had to carry all 12 form4 text books to return it. and had also carry 18 form5 text books that had just received back to my class. there were so many stairs. very steep stairs! *diee

aigoo im so tired. thats all for my report about the first day of the very first for today LOL what am i saying =.=|| 


p/s : first day, first homework !! it was Add Math ! yahooo~!


hida anggun said... Reply To This Comment

len kali masuk asrama. sekolah aku dulu assembly kitorang duduk kat kerusi. some more, essembly dalam dewan. wahahahaha~

saniaa said... Reply To This Comment

masok asrama same jugak =.=||

kau mrsm, taknak aku masok mrsm. tak hingin

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