Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 30- A picture of you today & 20 goals you want to accomplish.

  1. 9A SPM
  2. get MARA scholarship
  3. go to korea
  4. meet 2NE1 n B2ST
  5. success in ma life babyyy
  6. buy Alphard when im gets older, or any kind of cars that have big body n auto doors
  7. millinoire, vleyy ??
  8. get a nice room for myself to sleep in, a room for my clothes/shoes , a room full of korea/kpop merchandise
  9. have huge amount of monet in saving so i can freely buy something from online
  10. have all the nicest n most expensive things/gadgets
  11. be Son Dongwoon gf, can ah?
  12. dunno ah
  13. complete this as fast as i can
  14. complete homework also as fast as i can
  15. have every collection of gempak starz manga comics series
  16. have a room full of clothes n shoes n bagssssss
  17. have my very own driver who really obey me, drive  me wherever i want to although i ask her/him to drive to korea. can ah? can ah??
  18. korea artist reply to my tweets
  19. live in korea
  20. married korea man hoho JERKS

finally its finished !!!!!!


She's retarded said... Reply To This Comment

i want to go to korea too!

saniaa said... Reply To This Comment

lets go !

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