Tuesday, January 11, 2011


nice date eh? today at school got mesyuarat agong kelab & persatuan. at first me and my gang dunno to join which club =.=|| at last we chose RECYCLE CLUB. sounds like 'woahh i'm gonna save the earth !' lol. believe or not, my club only consist of 19 members. form5 members only 7. all my friends. and believe or not *again, i am the AJK for the club. woahhh~!

we discussed about this year's plan. somthing like camping, lawatan, and so on. and someone ask about the uniform for the club. and my friends all tuding jari towards me wtf. so when i got home i quickly online my facebook and ask hida for the price quotation. very responsible AJK ey haha. 


at school suddently i heard someone talking about onling shopping. she/he say something like ".....aku orderkan kau pergi la bank, bank in kan duit tu...." "...camne nak bank in aku tak reti...." "...hish kau ni itupun tak tahu.....blablabla...." well online shopping nao semua nak try. dulu aku pun macam tu jugak. excited gilo beli barang online. suruh hida bank in kan. after i know how to bank in my by myself, i dont ask hida. but nao im too lazy busy to bank in by my self, im ask hida again to bank in for me. thank you hida, for always helping me T__T. 

at first i tought "woaa i must be older faster so i can sign up for Maybank akaun semasa for easier for me online buying through Maybank2u only" . but now "woaa i'll never sign up for maybank akaun semasa becuz my money will flow like the water at the Niagara waterfall o.0" omg....

nao i had a lot of debt at hida =.= BUT i just had my salary for last year ( i worked at my mom's) around rm100 XD. hida, please come home..and take your money before i spend it.... oh and please buy my stuff first before u come back...!

p/s : looks like i have to collect money again for buying new shoes =.=


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