Friday, December 3, 2010

hello, err again :')

okay at 6 i arrived home SAFELY omg. a bit late becuz we stop at jejantas becuz wahed want go to al-ikhsan to shopping too wtf. wahed parked his car and i quickly ran to my room dabushh landing atas katil wohooo feel so good to be home :) ahh my own room with my smell with my messiness haaaaha

so why did i write 'i arrived home SAFELY' ? becuz wahed's driving skills so freaking me out. when theres car lencong, i will ask "berape riban ha kete tu?" he will say "jom tanye" grinning and he speed to chase the car. "aku drive lelaju and ko tanye okeh?" i was like... "okey ko bukak tingkap biar aku ketok cermin kete die". hahahahha and suddengly theres a , i mean two car singaporean plated car lencong. it really was TWO car as a fwd-like-car-i-dont-know-the-name-is pulling a racing car behind. i was like :O . i think wahed also :O. while "woahhhhhhhhhhh" and he started chasing them =.="

and suprisingly he managed chase it !

closer view. if not closer enuf just click on the pic laa for tumbesaran yang lebih sehat

so me and wahed both satified with our ahem and ahem AHAHA. 

here it is !!

wahed's :')

sorry haha. what what?

another hint :D

later i'll tell u what it is haha as well as my other things i bought. 

just nao i did matrix style wtf. i was typing and theres 'when i see ur face, theres not a thing that i would change' thats my ringtone just for u know i quickly like flying over my bed to answer it with my stomach terhentak at the edge of my bed and i was really hurt and when i reach my phone "one misscall" ohh wtf !!

i called one of my fren theres a callerringtone and i dont remember what song it is. then i call another fren also the same crt. and another fren alsooo the same crt i was like wtf? i was gone for only 4 days and im not included in crt-friend-relationship? or everybody got free crt but i dont? do you ??

p/s : suddently heard bad/shocking/frustrating news
MOST of my frens cant go out on this Wednesday . ohh wtf againnnnnnnn !


- Ma StOrY - said... Reply To This Comment

wow barang mahal doe...

saniaa said... Reply To This Comment

bese aa kate keje bertungkus lumus~

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