Tuesday, November 23, 2010

16 facts about me :)

even though my 16 th birthday has passed but i want to share 16 little facts about myself. feel free to share yours too :) main reason : BORING night

  1. i'm addicted to facebook and kpop
  2. i cant live without my phone (should be on my side all the time)
  3. i love to sleep wearing hoodie
  4. i love to sleep by tutup hidung dan mulut dengan selimut
  5. i love to sleep using my own comforter
  6. currently love fruit juice (constipation problem)
  7. i love blue, purple  or any soft colours
  8. currently cant leave house without my backpack
  9. my backpack must have  -tissue -mineral water - eyemo -mini fan -comb -hand sanitizer -bio oil -hansaplast -cleansing wipes -phone -wallet
  10. currently collecting more tshirts with hoodies
  11. currently working hard to make money
  12. i love son dongwoon
  13. i hate people stand or sit or whatever behind or beside me while i'm onlining/eating
  14. i hate people staring at me with or without reasons (get a life dude !! )
  15. tak suka dengan cara orang menaip yang gedik (pandai2 fikir sendiri)
  16. currently worling out controlling my weight
hokehh nak tido bye


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