Friday, October 29, 2010

tomorrow (today lerr) got school
but i keep onlining like nothing going to happen
because at 11 p.m. just i reached home
so its payback for my onlining time
cant believe its happening
tomorrow will wake up late
then late to school
late to assembly

at school olredi got marks
as usual addmath suxx
remember my last English mark?
oo maybe i only tell at fesbuk

about my mark actually 87
but the sohai teacher key in 70 only
and my guru kelas just follow the olredi-key-in-marks rite?
so automatically it will be only 70 in my report book
so i go tell her that she's key-in wrongly 
but she just simply say
"alahh 87 ke 70 ke A jugak"
wtf ?!!
87 will be A 
but 70 only be A- oo !!

luckily she did not teach us anymore
change with a 'sir'
indian sir , better than her , i think la,  i dont know
i've lost interest in English
whenever i saw her face i kept remember my awful mark in my report book
and i keep cursing her

sorry teacher, but i cannot forget what happen to my mark
teacher, sarangheyo~

and because of that , haha really funny
i almost can say that i...
hilang pedoman haha
really didnt study for my English exam
and got only 50++ for my final

because of you !

P.Islam and B.Melayu got A kekeke~
it prove me still malay haha 
mathmodern got 50++ also
aiyaa drop from 60++ to 50++
but at least didnt fail !!!

i study for pass 
not for A+

where did i get this quote ha?
ohh from Ley haha at fesbuk XD


i love friday
maybe because only short time at school 
go to school, assembly, play. story morry, eat, go home XD
gahhahahaha its already 1:45 AM
i want to wait until 2AM can?
hihi i like changmin in 2AM

lemme list my fav group/members since im bored here

2AM : Changmin
2PM : Wooyoung , Nichkun
2NE1 : All
ARASHI : Matsumoto Jun
B2ST : Son Dong Woon , Lee Gi Kwang
Brown Eyed Girls : Narsha
C.N Blue : Yonghwa
Co-Ed : Hye Won
F(x) : Victoria 
SNSD : Lee Sun Kyu
SuJu : DongHae , KyuHyun , ShinDong
SHINee : JongHyun 
KARA : Nicole
Miss A : Min

but some of them i had very least interest in them
eg : 1.SHINee Jonghyun : haha everyone knows 
2.SuJu KyuHyun : theres lotsaaaaaaaaaaa people like/love him haha

thats for now. so how anout u guys,
whats your favourite member in your favourite band?

p/s : look at the time i post this !!
hoot hoot !! 2AM !!


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