Thursday, October 21, 2010

ipoh trip + wahidun konvo

we went to ipoh on saturday. first by car to seremban. then by train to KL sentral. continue by train to ipoh. =.=" so damn tired. 

got larian Melaka Maju. and because of that, today is a public holiday! hoorayyyy~

and finally arrived at the hotel

majesty hotel ?? station hotel really horror~

that night we went out to eat mee rebus something i forgot. but i eat only nasi ayam

then to gerbang malam. just like pasar malam or something khemah khemah jual jual n malam malam. we walk walk and found this 

and this

and this 

there's dog anywhere wtf

we also found shaw brothers

later 9 ++ already tired. sleep~

tomorrow morning had breakfast and went to pasar karat. really the karat. not cheat one

tunjuk langit

the watches all in water. to proof it is water resistant. i almost buy one haha but it all ugly ~ (konon ugly padahal dalam hati meronta nyesal tak beli)

all berkarat one. even tempat perah mop yang letak kat basin tu pun jual kat situ. even car's side mirror ada jual

mama also almost buy this one XD

then after tired walk here walk there, we went back to hotel to checkout and go to UTP

bought flower for wahed XD

only mama and abah can enter the dewan. we just walk around sit here sit there, eat eat eat. okay only me EAT eat EAT.

there got pesta konvo. this one yummy~

almost buy this RM5 only la wehh!

and finally met wahid =.="

blame hida for breathing XD

trying ~

ignore my slipers

and force hida wear it XD

haha look at hida n wahed height difference :)))))

we went back to melaka after that. they drove us to sungai buluh to get train to seremban. and from seremban get our car and went home. arrived J7946 Kesang Jaya, Jasin , Melaka at 3:30 A.M.


P/S - finally dapat naik koc wanita

pictures credit to - W705, Anggunhida , Encik Mohd Halim


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